Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gastien - Part 1 : The Cost of The Dream - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By Caddy Rowland
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
This story really takes you on a journey, starting with Gastien as a young boy being abused by his father, who thinks Gastiens dreams are feminine. But his mother does try to help him, and she wants him to follow his dreams. Gastien knows he doesn't want to be stuck on a farm forever. As he goes into adulthood, he finds it hard to let anyone close to him, all he wants is to become an artist in Paris and be a great lover. With so many ups and downs and so many emotional rides, it's hard to put this book down. I really look forward to more from Author Caddy Rowland , she really dedicated herself to this story, and I am ready for more Gastien.

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