Monday, October 31, 2011

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Silent Hills - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Derek Thompson
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
  Peter Marlow is a drifter of sorts , who tries to keep a low profile and interact as less as possible with others, until he comes to Harlton.
After seeing a man hitting on his wife , Peter takes interest in Sally & Dan Fletcher, he soon learns from Mrs. Evelyn Jarrowby, how abusive Dan is and that Sally will never be free until he's dead.
As time goes on Peter begins to spend more time with Sally , now he has to decide if he wants to follow his heart and kill her husband or should he keep on the same track and pack up and leave town for good.
A heartfelt story. To the point and very meaningful. Enjoyed reading this short story very much!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summers Journey -Volume Two: Alphabetical Assignation - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Summer Daniels
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
Summer and Mark meet up again. Summer has decided to give Mark total control. Being blindfolded and in Marks arms he offers to explore the sexual alphabet together. As he begins to pleasure her , she experiences things that she had no idea she could. Now that she has given Mark control , will she also be able to trust him and continue with the Alphabetical Assignation.
Loving theJourney with Summer ! It's so exciting and lustful , will make every woman wish they had a "Mark" .
Adults Only
Erotic and Hot !!

The Judging - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Ellen C. Maze
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
Dr. Mark Coresu was a priest in the 1600's before being turned into a vampire. Now four centuries later he is a successful Dr. , but when darkness falls he begins his "Judging" of those who have sinned and done evil. He believes by making them repent then killing them , he is serving God. He has done this for so long he believes it's right and does not question his actions.
He then meets Hope Brannen , who he now thinks God has sent to him to be his mate. Hope falls for him , but knowing his "Judging" isn't right she turns to Anthony Agricola, to help Mark uncover his past. But will the two of them be able to save his soul or will he be lost forever.
I have read alot of Vampire books and alot of them have the same storyline to them, but I haven't read anything quite like this before. I love the way that vampirism and christianity are put together with a bold , yet twisted plot. This brings a whole new meaning to Good v/s Evil. The characters are brilliant and exciting.
I know I will soon be reading Damascus Road- The Corescu Chronicles Book Two !
Five Stars and Two Thumbs up !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Zoctornyia - Vultar's Heart , Body and Soul Mate Series - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Beth Wright
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
Elizabeth finds herself chained in a cell , trying to figure out how she got there , when she meets Vultar a tall handsome creature that she soon learns is her soul mate. Once they are rescued from the dungeon, she learns of her new life with Vultar. She is taken to her new beautiful village. After fighting off another races leader that wants her for himself , she is in a deep sleep for four days , but once she finally comes to , she is in the loving arms of Vultar. She is still learning the ways of her new life ,when she becomes preagnant , but she soon finds out it is not going to be like a normal human preagnancy nor will her babies lives be like human babies. Elizabeth , or Setiana, which is her new name ,may not be strong enough to deal with only having her babies for a short time , the attacks of Baltarna , and learning she has more than one Tellianar.
This is a Great series , it has so many twists and unexpected turns that you will find yourself in the world of Zoctornyia , and being fascinated with all the amazing characters.

In The Land of Winter - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

In The Land of Winter
By: Margaret Sarah Bechtel
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
Kate and Lex are seated together on their plane to Scotland when it crashes , Lex and Kate are in for a twisted ordeal , that gives you so many unexpected turns.
It's Thrilling , exciting , and entertaining. All you want is for Kate to find happiness.
In The Land of Winter has so many unexpected events that it's hard not to give any spoilers , the ending is great and leaves you wanting more.
This is a Wonderfully written Book, and I look forward to reading Margaret Sarah Bechtel's next book , which will be out very soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secrets: A Story of Innocence Lost - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: D.M. Jackson
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

This is a very emotional story about Beth and Ty , brother and sister who grow up being abused , but neither knew about the others abuse. They both had dark secrets that they carried with them into adult hood. The hurt and pain they endured caused their lives to be a living torment . After finally telling their mother about the abuse they encountered , they looked to a higher calling and was able to begin healing and forgiving.

I recieved a complimentary copy of  Secrets : A story of innocence lost , as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team. Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Not Since You - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Not Since You
By: Mahalia Levey
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Sin is a halfhuman , magical healer, that has had to much pain and regret in her life , after ecscaping her ex,Thamuz, and leaving hell which caused the death of her unborn child , she soon meets Mason, who's life she changes forever, only to runaway from him. After three years of being alone and being a mother that is very fond of... her privacy , learns that Mason has returned and wants his mate and family back. But Sin is fighting the situation the best she can , but Mason's inner animal has grew stronger. After taking control and planning time alone with Sin , they are faced not only with rebuilding their lives together again , but theres a demon on a killing spree and Sin's family is the target.

This is a very erotic and passionate book. The mix of different paranormal's keeps it exciting and mysterious. I loved all the different and unusuall names used through out it. It will leave you wanting More !!

Nowhere Left To Hide - Reviewed By : Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Elle Amberley
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson
  Natasha Parker is a smart and beautiful young woman who has endured a childhood of distrust , pain , and abuse. She has closed herself off while finding ways to hide from those who caused her scars.
While attending college in England , she is offered to go to Santa Barbara for her last year , while a bit scared , shes excited for the chance. Once there she has no problem finding friends , she hits it off with Mike , Kirsten and Tyler. Her and Kirsten become best friends and Natasha starts spending more time with Tyler, who is trying to figure her out. While trying to build a new life for herself she is still haunted with her past, and finds it hard to open up and trust others.  While Tyler is trying to take it slow and not be pushy , Natasha finally opens up to him and tells him her dark secrets, it's a difficult road for her to go down , but it gives her a sense of relief , and helps to make life easier.
Natasha finds love with Tyler , she is finally happy , but after graduation her visa expires and she will have to return to England . With both of them going through emotional hell , Tyler is determined to be with his woman , and does something that no one was expecting.
I enjoyed this book , it is emotional , yet funny and easy going. Natasha had a horrible childhood , but she stayed strong and upbeat.  Its fresh and clean and I will be passing it on to my teen daughter and mother.