Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Piece by a dear friend, who is more talented than he knows !

Blissful Sigh
BY: Earl Clarence B. Gadin

No matter how bittersweet his every step, the man's smile never fades. Throughout the day his mask never wears off, least should darkness surround him and make him fall into the abyss. It wasn't his undertaking but he still took on the challenge and got engulfed in this endless misery.

Even after that, he still couldn't get a grip between his desires and his needs. What does he truly want to begin with? Does he want to be rich, famous and surrounded by physical luxury? He alone can answer the question, yet he simply continues to drift towards the dark, sadness corrupting his restless heart. Maybe all he needs is love and someone to be with him, an ironic prospect as it's the thought of loneliness that is dragging him down. He kept thinking how everything is lost, and everything he had seemed to slowly slip away

What is this positive force that kept withing his sight an image of a beam of light whenever he closed his eyes. Where comes from, the strength that kept him singing hymns that got him up and running. Only he knows, for he alone can see life in his own view. His life is but a spectacle and after every show people will rejoice, for he did great. That everything will end in a short but blissful sigh.


Deena Remiels " RELIC " Check out this Great Review !

Check out this Wonderful 5 star Review from Sarah Ballance !! I enjoyed this particular review, because she points out how there is more than one problem to be solved. I kind of like it when a book doesn't have just one issue to work on. It keeps you on your toes !!

I loved the plot layers throughout. So many romances have one problem to solve, and once the characters take care of tha...t issue the book is over. By contrast, RELIC features a lot of great threads ranging from the relic itself to a myriad of personal relationships to the part played by the villain, the latter of which works perfectly as a catalyst throughout the various facets of the plot. And through it all is the romance--first budding, then undeniable--between Serena and Raphael. You might think with all of those elements the story would become muddled, but every element is clear, cleverly entwined, and neatly resolved. The suspense is exciting and the romance is, er, exciting (*grin*) but tastefully written. Even the villain garnered a wee bit of sympathy for his plight--impressive work by the author considering his actions.

This is a great story, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Five stars!