Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deena Remiels " RELIC " Check out this Great Review !

Check out this Wonderful 5 star Review from Sarah Ballance !! I enjoyed this particular review, because she points out how there is more than one problem to be solved. I kind of like it when a book doesn't have just one issue to work on. It keeps you on your toes !!

I loved the plot layers throughout. So many romances have one problem to solve, and once the characters take care of tha...t issue the book is over. By contrast, RELIC features a lot of great threads ranging from the relic itself to a myriad of personal relationships to the part played by the villain, the latter of which works perfectly as a catalyst throughout the various facets of the plot. And through it all is the romance--first budding, then undeniable--between Serena and Raphael. You might think with all of those elements the story would become muddled, but every element is clear, cleverly entwined, and neatly resolved. The suspense is exciting and the romance is, er, exciting (*grin*) but tastefully written. Even the villain garnered a wee bit of sympathy for his plight--impressive work by the author considering his actions.

This is a great story, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Five stars!

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