Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easters Lilly - Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

By: Judy Serrano
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Lilly is a good girl, who usually obeys her parents, but when she meets up with Johnny, a drug dealer, her parents wants her to stay away from him. Lilly refuses, and goes away with Johnny, but then he's in a bad accident, and Lilly is now left alone and pregnant, Johnny's boss Diego, which is in the mob, wants to marry her. But after they are married and she gets her own bodyguard, which is Diego's brother Max, the marriage isn't what she expected. Diego isn't with her much and most of her time is spent with Max. When Lilly and Max begin to fall for each other, Diego decides he wants his wife. But how can Lilly leave Diego when she knows the power he has and the things he is capable of.

This book is exciting from start to finish, it's nothing that I thought it would be. It has sex, lies, and violence and full of twisted drama. I can't wait for part 2.

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  1. i'm not done with this yet, but I really really like it so far. ^.^ for some reason I'm having troubles liking Max...I adore Hector and in some odd way i kind of like diego, but I can't seem to like Max. What did you seem to think of him?