Friday, September 16, 2011

End Of Summer Giveaway

Todays Author on the Giveaway  is   Jerry Castaldo , Author of :  Brooklyn NY : A Grim Retrospective-A Memoir. This Is a Book about Jerrys Life , It is very Grim , I have posted my Review of the book below , if you think you will like it  Please enter to win a copy , there will be two winners and the main thing I ask is if you win , please be sure to post a Review on Amazon . Also go to Jerry's FB page and " LIKE " it , and then let me know you did on All My Book Finds ! Pretty Simple.  Good Luck , don't hesitate to leave a comment . Always luv hearing from you all !!

Memoir By: Jerry Castaldo
Reviewed By : Crystal Trent Dotson
 This amazing Memoir of Jerry Castaldo is by all means , inspiring , breathtaking , and yes , GRIM.
Being addicted to drugs and alcohol, which started as a teenager , he endured beatings , carwrecks , and gangs.  Wanting to get away from it all , he joins the Army , but is soon discharged , and is back where he started.  His drug addiction continued while trying to make himself a known singer , which didn't mix well for Jerry. His life was full of up's and down's , mess up after mess up , he still continued to use drugs, causing him to lose friends , family , and job's. After years of struggling , Jerry finally takes the first step of attending  an AA meeting. He has now been clean for twenty years.
This is such a shocking book , but it comes to show just how bad drug addiction can physically and mentally rip your life apart. Jerry went from nothing to finally fighting his addiction and becoming a touring singer, and being happy with his life.
Truely an amazing story.  But me , myself  after reading this memoir , Am very inspired by Jerry overcoming all the hell he was going through and coming out of it with a great story to be told.

Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective: A Memoir

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