Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whisper A Scream By: Pete Turner Reviewed By : Crystal Trent Dotson

Solomon Noche is a therapist in Retselville, Kentucky, where he has given up on God. He begins to have horrific nightmares which leads him on a journey to unveil a long history of the towns Evil Secrets.  Solomon  soon discovers a 19th Century journal that tells of an evil cult and the demon - MIYAH.
Solomon is lead to a sacrificial altar , a well of skulls and a ritual dagger. He soon learns he can't trust anyone. Now confronted by Miyah , he must make the choice to give his trust and soul to God or give into the Fallen Angel.
This is a Spectacular Book. It will keep you on the edge , not knowing if it's all a dream or if the Gates of Hell are about to open.

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